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World Anvil Worldbuilding Podcast

May 3, 2020

Today we talk about how to name places, how cultures affect languages and visa versa, and how written languages develop!

My guest today is Dr Antonia Ruppel!
She completed her PhD in Classics from the University of Cambridge (thesis: Absolute Constructions in Early Indo-European, CUP 2012).
Was the Townsend Senior Lecturer in the Greek, Latin and Sanskrit Languages at Cornell University (2005-2014).  And she's currently a Research Assistant at Oxford University, 'Uncovering Sanskrit Syntax', University of Oxford (2019-).

Janet Forbes (pen-name J.D. Blythe) is a published fantasy author, professional Dungeons and Dragons Streamer, and also the co-founder of World Anvil, the ULTIMATE worldbuilding platform for writers and tabletop gamers! You can get started at for free.

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