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World Anvil Worldbuilding Podcast

May 17, 2020

Today my guest Dr Anne Forbes - geologist and fantasy author - takes us through how to make our world geography feel authentic and in tune with our worlds, and introduces us to some real world wonders!

Dr Anne Forbes holds a degree in Natural Sciences witha  specialisation in Geology from CAm univerity, and a pHD in Volcanology formt eh Open University! She has published widely on the subject of her PhD which is the interaction of volcanoes and ice. She is originally from the UK, and now lives in Australia with her husband and her noodle horse.

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Janet Forbes (pen-name J.D. Blythe) is a published fantasy author, professional Dungeons and Dragons Streamer, and also the co-founder of World Anvil, the ULTIMATE worldbuilding platform for writers and tabletop gamers! You can get started at for free.

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