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World Anvil Worldbuilding Podcast

May 9, 2022

Part 2! Eat Medieval! 10/10 would recommend. On this episode Professor Giles Gaspar and Andy Hook from the amazing project Eat Medieval talk about the key to creating an immersive game or story. Food.

Giles Gasper is a Professor of High Medieval History at Durham University. He specializes in European history of the 11th-14th centuries, its culture, ideas (especially science and religion), and people, and, of course, its food.

Andy Hook is a multitalented restaurateur who has created not one, but four restaurants in the north of England.

Janet Forbes (pen-name J.D. Blythe) is a published fantasy author, professional Dungeons and Dragons Streamer, and also the co-founder of World Anvil, the ULTIMATE worldbuilding platform for writers and gamers! 

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